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Global Living Magazine is a consumer publication catering to the expatriate community, worldwide.

Global Living Magazine features exclusive content for expats by expats, including articles on living and working abroad, expatriation and repatriation, Third Culture Kids, culture shock and adaptation, international business, world-class cities, travel, and more.

A must-read for the most discerning, jet-setting and savvy audiences, Global Living appeals to the sophisticated international consumer who lives, has lived, or may someday live outside their country of origin. The focus is on living in one or many destinations, with an insider’s perspective on living the best global life imaginable. The bi-monthly magazine provides readers with an exclusive look at global and expatriate living beyond what current regional publications can offer. Global Living Magazine is a truly unique window into the life of a privileged niche of world citizens.

Global Living Magazine is published six times per year.

Global Living Magazine was founded in 2011 and is a subsidiary of Global Media Partners LLC, a media group designed to cater to the interests and lifestyles of expatriates, worldwide. Global Living is an independently-run, self-funded publication. For more information on how you can help support the production and growth of Global Living, please visit our Sponsor page (coming soon!).

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Global Living Magazine features content for expats, by expats. Each issue includes exclusive content related to the following topics:

– Expatriation/Repatriation

– The Expat Experience

– Expat Finance

– Expat Insurance

– Expat Health & Fitness

– Expat Education

– Expat Profiles/Influencers

– Expat Advice Column

– Moving Abroad

– Living Abroad

– Working Abroad

– Cross-Cultural Communication

– Culture Shock & Adaptation

– Family & Relationships

– Expat Women

– Expat Men

– Third Culture Kids

– Third Culture Adults

– Music, art and worldwide culture

– Expat Business

– Global Events

– Expat City Guides

– Editorial specials

– Expat Networks/Organizations

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