Media Kit

Global Living magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine for global citizens who consider the world their home – and playground.

With articles on world travel, fashion, music, art and other culture, luxury real estate, expatriate life, world class cities and more, Global Living magazine is geared to a high echelon of influencers around the world – including expatriates – with a substantial amount of disposable income.

A must-read for the most discerning, jet-setting, stylish and savvy audiences, Global Living magazine appeals to the sophisticated consumer and adventurous traveler. It also caters to those who are currently living or have lived abroad, as well as those who dream of or plan to live an international lifestyle. The focus is on high-end luxury living in one or many destinations, with an insider’s perspective on living the best global life imaginable.

With its emphasis on lifestyle and travel, the bi-monthly magazine provides readers with an exclusive look at global and expatriate living beyond what current regional publications can offer.

Global Living magazine is a truly unique window into the life of a privileged niche of world citizens.

Global Living magazine is a subsidiary of Global Media Partners LLC, a media group designed to cater to the interests and lifestyles of the traveling elite.

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