Festive Fundraiser: Elephants for Africa


Festive Fundraiser: Elephants for Africa

Global Living Magazine contributor Claire Bolden McGill has joined forces with expats Kate Evans of Elephants for Africa and artist Emma Kaufmann to promote the Festive Fundraiser for Elephants for Africa, a small charity with a big heart dedicated to the conservation of the African elephants through research and education.

The Elephants for Africa Festive Fundraiser (www.mydonate.bt.com/events/efafestivefundraiser) is taking place now and is an effort to conserve the African elephant. Every penny raised this season will be doubled by one of the charity’s private donors up to a total of £10,000. As an added incentive, the donor or fundraiser that donates the most will receive an original piece of artwork from international author and artist Emma Kaufmann. Emma has created a piece of art based on her love of all elephants called Elephants Pals (pictured above). In the true spirit of global living, this piece can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world, so all donations count no matter where it’s coming from.

Elephants for Africa has a holistic approach to its work, understanding the requirements of both elephants and the people living alongside them. In 2016, the charity wants to expand its research and education programs and partner with more communities living alongside wildlife. Donate this season and join the journey towards human-wildlife coexistence.

Join the campaign and donate today: www.mydonate.bt.com/events/efafestivefundraiser

For more information about Elephants for Africa’s work, visit: www.elephantsforafrica.org.

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