Guest Post: Top Tips to Remember in London


Guest blogger: Clarisse Lehmann

If you, like me, lead quite the wandering life you know that your travels may take you to a variety of far away places. By the same token, there are, however, those couple travel hubs that you seem to always transition through. Even before I moved permanently to London, I often found myself in Heathrow or in the actual rainy city with a couple of hours or days to spare. Here are a few tips I wish I had known about London at the time:

– London shuts down pretty early with most pubs closing around 11 to 12pm. If you want a real night out beyond those times, it’s worth planning in advance and finding a nightclub that will let you stay a bit later… Members only clubs are usually the places that close the latest.

– The weather rumors, well, they are kind of true. A trench will most likely always come of some use as the climate varies widely, even in one day! And that also means that the umbrella might come in handy. No one wants the truth but trust me, you don’t want to be unprepared for the downpours!

– Things are open on Sunday! Yay! Oxford Street or Harrods, crowded as they may be, are a sure bet if you are looking for something to buy. That said, Sunday opening times are still up to the discretion of the shop owner so don’t be shocked if certain places are closed or vary in opening times.

– Black Cabs are handy but there are also plenty of car services that might end up costing you less! I am a fan of Green Tomato that uses environmentally conscious cars. Others like the slightly pricier Addison Lee, which has a larger fleet. And everyone loves Hailo, an application that lets you locate the nearest black cab on those late nights where you can’t seem to find one!

– Last but certainly not least, don’t forget those annoying UK plugs and get an adapter before crossing the channel or flying over here. It’s the type of thing that’s super easy to find in airports and really annoying to locate once in town. So don’t waste time and come prepared!

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