Italian Study Abroad Program for Photographers and Filmmakers

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Italian Study Abroad Program for Photographers and Filmmakers

Alt Studio offers an intensive five-week photography and film program for aspiring creatives led by respected professionals that will take place June 1 – July 8, 2016 in Lucca, Italy.

The brainchild of filmmaker and professor John Murphy, Alt Studio is designed to submerge aspiring filmmakers and photographers in a different culture, pushing their boundaries to become stronger creative individuals.

Thirty students, selected on the merit of their portfolios and/or personal statement, will be submerged in Italian culture and coursework, complimented by weekly field trips to other towns in the region, including Rome, Siena, Bologna, and more, during the five-week program. At the conclusion of the program, Alt Studio holds an exhibition and a night of screenings in Lucca, Italy to display students’ works. The same show is then brought to New York the following September.

Alt School1Focusing on still and moving imagery, Alt Studio Tuscany features one-on-one instruction in an intimate group setting. Courses include digital video, photography, sound for video, and Italian Cinema History.

John Murphy hopes to transform the participants, “I want to share with my students an experience unlike any other: to work and create in Tuscany. Through Alt Studio, participants will be able to learn from my dear friends, who happen to be exceptional professionals in their fields, while completely immersing themselves in Italian culture. Living and working in Lucca, and exploring and documenting Tuscany will be one of the best summers a creative young person could ever have. To spend time, a small part of one’s life, shooting in this charmed land will change any artist forever. I know it changed me forever.”

Alt Studio’s faculty have been nominated for Academy Awards, worked on projects for The Discovery Channel, History Chanel, A&E and have had work published in The New York Times, LIFE Magazine, and The London Sunday Times. Additionally, three visiting artists will serve as mentors at various stages of the program.

The five-week program will take place June 1 – July 8, 2016 in Lucca, Italy.

For more information, visit: www.altstudiotuscany.com.

[Images courtesy of Alt Studio]

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