My Expat Story: Sam Eltringham

My Expat Story: Sam Eltringham

An British expat in Australia

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Sam Eltringham made the decision to emigrate to Australia shortly after landing a job with tombola, a leading North East tech company. Sam approached the topic with her employer about a year into her employment because she wanted to be as open and honest about her plans. Her manager supported her development in the company, despite being made aware of her plans to leave, and the company helped make her dream of moving abroad happen. Sam received her visa approval in April 2017 and will be flying to Australia in August to start her adventure.

What are you most looking forwards to about your pending emigration?

As my Mum moved ‘down under’ a few years ago, I’m really excited to reconnect with her and my daughter can’t wait to see her grandma again! I’m really looking forward to embracing the new culture and community and settling into my new hometown.

What has been the hardest part of the emigration process so far?

For me, the visa application process has been long and grueling! I had to go back to university, as a mature student, and retrain for a career in software development. I was then required to gain two years of industry experience. I was very lucky in that my employer, tombola, were supportive of my decision to emigrate and have assisted with my application and career development, which led me to be granted sponsorship as a skilled migrant for NSW.

Where have you lived around the world? Favorite places?

I’ve lived in various locations around the U.K. including London, Cumbria and the North East. I’m used to moving around a lot so don’t get too grounded in one place. I’ve traveled around the world quite a bit too; Europe, India, Caribbean, and Australia. The decision to move to Australia came mainly because my mum is there but also because culturally we’re quite similar so it’s an easy adjustment (I hope). Australia seems to be doing well economically too and there’s loads of opportunity for me and my family to have great lives. I look forward to doing more traveling around Oceania and Asia; there’s so many new places to explore!

Where would you want to move to eventually?

We will initially be living with my Mum in Brisbane whilst we find jobs and get settled. We don’t really have strict plans in place, we just want to ensure that our daughter is enrolled in a good school and that my husband and I both land careers we love! Ideally, we will be staying around Brisbane, so we can be close to my family.

What’s your sense of home?

Home is where my family is. Leaving the U.K. is nerve-racking as we are giving up our home, jobs, schools, extended family and friends. However, we believe Australia will be a better life for us and we’re really excited about becoming closer to my mum!

What advice would you give to first time expat?

The process is tough and expensive and there may be times where you think it’s not worth it. You should embrace the support from friends and family and if you can, use an agent – I don’t think we could have got through it without one!

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