My Expat Story: Tina Marie Ernspiker

My Expat Story: Tina Marie Ernspiker

An American expat in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico

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We received an email from American expat Tina Marie Ernspiker, who lives in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico, with her husband and their four children, ages 2 to 12. Born in Michigan, Tina moved to Kentucky when she was 11. Now located 14 hours south of the Texas border, Tina and her family moved to Mexico in 2013 from their home in Kentucky after craving a simpler life. Tina is a photographer, writer, and President of the International Bloggers’ Association (IBA). Here is her Expat Story.

TinaWhat’s your favorite part of expatriate life?

My favorite part of living abroad is the newness and sense of adventure that I feel on a daily basis. I am sure eventually that feeling will wear off, but for now I am enjoying it. I like a bit of excitement!

What has been the hardest part?

The hardest part of living abroad is being so far away from our family. I miss my parents and grandmother all the time. My mother’s mom recently passed away and I missed her memorial service. I could not be there for Grams when she was sick or for my mother when Grams passed away. This was a very hard lesson about expat life.

Where have you lived around the world? Favorite places?

I was born in Michigan, USA and moved to Kentucky, USA when I was 11. Now at age 36 I am in Mexico! All of the places I have lived are unique and beautiful in their own way. I have been able to do a little traveling with my husband and I would say the same for every country and city. The earth is a beautiful planet.

Where do you want to move to eventually? 

There is no place I want to be permanently. Crazy-sounding I know! My dream would be to travel the whole world extensively and then perhaps visit other planets and galaxies 🙂 Now there’s an adventure for you!

What’s your sense of ‘home’? 

For me “home” is wherever my family settles, even temporarily. My family is my heart and, as they say, “Home is where the heart is.” Currently my heart and my home is in Mexico.

Share anything else you’d like us to hear! 

For those of you considering on living the expat life, do your research. Don’t just up and move. Google everything you can about the city and country you are thinking about relocating to. When you arrive and settle in, always remember you are the expat. You need to adapt, be humble and patient, and use caution. Don’t expect every day to be sunny. That’s not realistic.

The most helpful part of our life abroad has been WiFi and our local Bible congregation. WiFi has allowed us to stay connected to our friends and family at home in the U.S. Our local Bible congregation has become our Mexico family and we love them for it. They are supportive during the ups and downs of everyday expat, and normal, life.

Find out more about Tina and her life abroad through her blog: www.gringoslocos6.com and connect with her on Twitter @tinamernspiker.

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