A New Expatriate Resource Website is Launched


A New Online Resource for Expatriates – GoExpat

Moving abroad is a big decision for individuals and especially couples and families. Living overseas can be very exciting, but also filled with numerous challenges. Any would be expat will have lots of questions and will be wanting to seek answers online and offline. Moving abroad for work, retirement or just extended travel is becoming quite popular and fulfilling as well.

About GoExpat

To assist people searching for information on living overseas, a new expatriate directory has been launched for future expatriates and those already living the expat life abroad. This informative site is called GoExpat and it will be a valuable resource for expatriates. Global nomads and long term travelers around the world. David Tompkins, who’s firm owns the new expat resource noted that “GoExpat is a new website, but we hope to be a leading source of information and advice for expatriates living abroad or above to make the move. GoExpat will provide resources on health, travel, country destination guides, relocation, moving and much more, including an active expat blog. We are also building this site into an expat community that expatriates can rely on for up to date resources, news, advice and current events that impact expats.”

GoExpat Blog

The blog for GoExpat will be quite active and topical, including articles such as:

Advice for Expatriates

There is an active expat advice section where expats can get information on education opportunities, cost of living details, preparations for living overseas and timely details on retiring and working abroad. The resources section of GoExpat will give digital nomads and expats alike access to calling codes, relocation and moving companies, embassy information and much more.

Health Tips for Expatriates

Finally, the GoExpat website will have some great tips related to maintaining and protecting your health and safety abroad. This will include resources that will enable expatriates and future expats to obtain money saving information on international health insurance, one of the most important things you can buy when living abroad. Expats will even have access to several insurance providers that provide important access to medical assistance and medical care while living overseas. 

Living abroad is both recommended and encouraged at least once in one’s life. It helps to have access to as much information and resource as possible when making the big move overseas. GoExpat is an important addition to the expat community in 2019.


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