[NEWS] Global Living Magazine Launches Interactive App



On October 24, Global Living magazine launched the Global Living App in the Apple App Store, Google Play App Store and Amazon App Store.

The new, interactive free app features in-app purchases of single issues as well as yearly subscriptions. Readers now have access to every print edition of Global Living on their smartphones and tablets, in addition to bonus content that will be offered periodically for free through the app.



In-app purchases: Single issue downloads and yearly subscriptions

Unique clipping tools that allow you to easily share content across your social networks. With two simple taps, users can select a portion of any magazine page and share with friends via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, email and more.

An integrated, easy-to-use navigation that allows you to move clearly throughout the app.

A cohesive environment that allows you to seamlessly move between all issues of Global Living and GlobalLivingMagazine.com, without ever leaving the app.

Video and audio media to make editorial and advertisements come more interactive.

- Clippings Demo

The Global Living app features unique clipping tools so users can easily share portions of the magazine via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, email and more.


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