Parsley & Coriander: Life in China with Italian flavor

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Parsley & Coriander: Life in China with Italian flavor

By Antonella Moretti

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

$12.00, 224 pages

This is the story of three Italian women who uproot their lives in Italy to move to China. Facing numerous thrills and struggles of everyday life abroad, the women tackle their day-to-day activities with varying degrees of enthusiasm and joie de vivre. The intimate friendships between Luisella, Astrid and Emma are also captivating to explore, with dynamics that twist and turn as they take the women through their stints abroad. From building new friendships to finding a new career and making choices to finding yourself, these women experience it all. Antonella Moretti expertly depicts the ebbs and flows that expat spouses often feel while abroad. A thrilling peak inside the emotional rollercoaster of being a trailing spouse in China, Parsley & Coriander: Life in China with Italian flavor is a spectacular inside perspective into being an expat in China. For more information, visit www.parsleyandcoriander.com.

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