Preview: Claire Milner Art in Premiere Issue

In the premiere issue of Global Living magazine we spoke to British artist Claire Milner about her craft. Click the first page of the article above to view the entire article and order your copies of Global Living magazine.

Claire Milner: I am constantly inspired by the world around me, the places I have visited and also the ancient and contemporary art world. My inspiration can come from anywhere, really, but most of all I like to keep trying new things and changing subject matter – whatever inspires me on the day. … If all is going well, my favorite piece is generally the one I am working on at the time. I think that’s because, as an artist, you put so much of yourself into an artwork that, at any individual moment, you are totally focused on one piece, and when it’s done, it takes a little bit from you and you are ready to move on to something new. However, if I had to pick just one work, it would have to be the Swarovski Marilyn, as I experienced this feeling by a magnitude, because of the total focus it required for a sustained amount of time, the enormous challenges I had to overcome to create it, the vast amount of research I did in preparation, but most of all because of the overwhelming amount of positive feedback I have received as a result.

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