Solace by Sea on the Isle of Capri, Italy

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Solace by Sea on the Isle of Capri, Italy

By Candace Boggan

Europe 177It was a chilly Tuesday morning when I stepped off the ferry onto the Isle of Capri. Though my body was sluggish and my soul languished, my heart was filled with anticipation for the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect, but I imagined that it was going to be all that I dreamed of and more.

When my sneakers hit the pavement, I immediately released a sigh of relief. It was breathtaking, and so much more amazing than I could have ever envisioned. My eyes raced back and forth across the landscape. It was like a beautifully-chiseled 3D canvas that I was destined to become a part of. It felt so perfect, that I was simply at a loss for words. My inner being was shouting for more – more peace, more solitude, and more of whatever else would help refresh my weary soul. There were vessels of all sorts sprawled across the water, and people of every nationality crowding the streets. However, I just knew I’d somehow find tranquility in this place. When I reached a certain point on the journey halfway up the side of the mountain (by way of taxi with the group,) I found exactly what I was looking for. I exhaled as I gazed deeper and looked below. It was like I was seeing a small glimpse of Heaven, or what I imagined part of it might look like to my drowsy and enervated eyes. I was overjoyed, and visually aroused in a way I’d not encountered before. I felt both a rush of energy, as well as a quiet stillness come over me at the same time. It invigorated me, ushering strength back into my flagging spirit.

Europe 086There was so much to see – from the plush greenery, to the glistening sea. The glass-top-like waters sat as base to the most incredible mountains with vibrant hues from the inlaid structures scattered throughout. It was as if I was walking through a Maya Green painting brought to life. The balance of color to shape was impeccable. It was so visually stimulating, yet soothing at the same time. I could instantly feel the stress and pressure of my lengthy journey departing me. I felt free, and most importantly, I felt such a sense of peace. All the worries from the preceding days now seemed so distant. I wanted to pinch myself as I quietly stated, “I made it. I’m really standing here, and not just thumbing through the pages of a book.” I had actually made my flight, though I experienced a delay, leaving me nearly stranded in New York for an additional couple days. I also endured a detour, which caused me to be rerouted through Paris, from JFK (although I must admit being seated in first class certainly helped to numb the frustration of the situation,) before going on to Barcelona, Spain. From there, I set out to Civitavecchia, Italy, before reaching Naples. It all seemed so worth it now. The drain of the setback better prepared me to appreciate the moment. Who would’ve thought that a 45-minute ferry ride from Naples would lead me to such a serene place?

Europe 127We all need refreshers – experiences that aid in recharging our often-depleted batteries. The everyday affairs of life can take a toll, so it’s important for us to refuel. Though it was a lengthy process to reach the point of relishing in that particular moment, all the hassle proved to pay off. I smiled as I whispered, “Thank you,” ever so softly before moving on. It was just what I needed – I’d finally discovered my solace by the sea, on the Isle of Capri.

Located off the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Gulf of Naples, this colorful little island is not only beautiful, but is also a vibrant and bustling community. A picturesque gem, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Isle of Capri is the ideal place to rest a weary mind, body, spirit and soul.

[Images courtesy of Candace Boggan]

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