St. Lucia: The Romantic’s Love Deluxe

Image courtesy of The Wax Museum / Geoff Gillstrom

By Candace Boggan

When you think of romance, what images come to mind? Right now you’re probably envisioning a crystal vase full of red roses, or perhaps a serene candlelight dinner overlooking the ocean. Maybe you pictured watching the sunset on a secluded beach, or a relaxing couple’s massage, with the scent of lavender in the air. If your senses responded favorably to the above-mentioned descriptions, then do I have the place for you!

St. Lucia is a lover’s oasis located in the Eastern Caribbean. Also known as Sainte Lucie (French), this sensational lady attracts the likes of doting lovebirds from across the seas. She is a tropical paradise with an infectious ambiance and remarkable scenery. Lucie exudes beauty, romance and mystery all at once. Her impressive terrain will woo you with alluring power. She is an illustrious gem – a romantic’s heartbeat and a lover’s dream. With a diverse background including Indian, African, British, Spanish, Dutch and French influences, the cupid of the Lesser Antilles is destined to win you over. Though approximately 90% of the island natives are of African descent, you will also find British and French influences heavily infused in everyday life. ‘Helen of the West,’ as she was once dubbed, switched possession 14 times between the two. The result: a melting pot of cultures to welcome you.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite island to-dos during your stay.

1. A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Pitons and Soufriere

The Pitons are undoubtedly the most striking piece of landscape on the island. Two mountains – Gros and Petit, are a staple in St. Lucian topography, erected 2,500 ft. from the cobalt colored sea. The pair is perfectly set around Soufriere, an energetic Creole community, imbued with history. There are open markets, historic estates, museums, and farms. The town connects to the Piton hiking trails, and provides mountain views from multiple angles. As I recall my introduction to the area, it was a momentous one.  I remember sailing down the Caribbean Sea in route to Soufriere. I was instantly inveigled as the Pitons spoke to me. I closed my eyes and dreamed of dancing around them, as if able to float on the sea. Just as I was to finish my grand finale, the sound of laughter startled me. I was quickly reacquainted with my surroundings, and reminded that I was no longer a ten-year-old ballerina who longed to pirouette upon the sea – or at least I hadn’t tried previously. Thus, I sat back, smiled, and relished in the remaining moments, astounded by every minute of the journey.

Image courtesy of The Wax Museum / Geoff Gillstrom

2. Diamond Botanical Gardens, Waterfalls and La Soufriere

The Gardens are located in Soufriere near the foot of the Pitons. You will encounter sparkling waterfalls and exotic plants and flowers, nestled amongst the rich, green foliage. I am certain you will find this botanical wellspring nothing short of splendid. Also available on site are Diamond Mineral Baths for those hoping to partake in the therapeutic waters of the sulfur springs. Be refreshed as you immerse yourself within the volcanic waters for 30 minutes of mineral bliss. Swimsuits are required and there is a minimal fee for the public and private baths.

La Soufriere is the world’s only ‘drive-in’ volcano, though you don’t actually drive all the way in. Also located near the Pitons and Botanical Gardens and springs, this sleeping beauty is a sight to behold. You’ll be enlivened as you witness the steam emitted from the crater, and gaze at the bubbling mineral concoction set before your eyes. There are guides available to accompany you for a small fee. Side note: brace yourself for the smell of rotten eggs in the air because of the sulfur. Though quite unpleasant, it will not spoil the experience.

3. Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay is a breathtaking area located on the west coast of the island. The marina and surrounding village is home to a variety of shops, boutiques and restaurants. The Bay is also a favorite location for local and outer island yacht charters. Grab a bite to eat and spend the morning shopping before heading out to sea.

Image courtesy of The Wax Museum / Geoff Gillstrom

4. Spa Services

Spa services can range from ocean-side couple massages to tropical fruit wraps. Consider one of the many packages at Mamma La Terre, Kai en Ciel and the Kai Belte, or Body Holiday to name a few. There are a plethora of luxurious spa options on the menu. Indulge in the natural elements of St. Lucia as services can be rendered both on and off sight.

5. Beach and Cuisine

For the faithful beach-goer and foodie, plan a couple’s picnic on one of the sugary white or black sand beaches. Relax as the harmonious waters soothe your soul, or spend the day horseback riding along the sea, snorkeling, and turtle or whale watching. After an active day, you’ll work up an appetite. Consider the area’s 5-star restaurants or test out native pubs for a more local experience. Plan a special ocean-side dinner, charter a private yacht, or elect to dine in with other guests at any number of eateries. Take pleasure in local delicacies like ‘sweet’ bananas, or the freshly caught residents of the sea. Dine at Coal Pot, Rainforest Hideaway or another island favorite for a remarkable dining extravaganza.

By all account, St. Lucia is a romantic’s love deluxe. She is exotic in nature, sophisticated in offerings, and soaked in a picturesque backdrop. A visit to the island is the perfect romantic holiday, destination wedding location, or Valentines getaway.  St. Lucia, with her heartfelt natives, is sure to provide you the affectionate holiday aspirations you seek.

Island Accommodations

The island offers a blend of chain hotels, boutiques, houses and villas to rent. St. Lucia is home to none other than Jade Mountain and its Anse Chastanet resort – a sanctuary of love for the elite traveler, situated opposite the Pitons. These posh dwellings are equipped to spoil you, and satisfy the most lavish of needs. Consider a stay with them during your holiday.

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