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The Expat Book Guide: The Full Collection

Introducing Global Living‘s complimentary bonus app edition of The Expat Book Guide, featuring every expat book review featured on the pages of Global Living Magazine. The guide is updated every two months* with new expat book reviews!


Available exclusively in the Global Living app for iOS and Android, The Expat Book Guide is a comprehensive collection of every book review ever featured in Global Living Magazine. The e-guide includes a range of topics such as expat memoirs, third culture kid books, anthologies, country guides, fiction, tough topics and much more. Easy to use and interactive, the e-guide is a great resource for those who not only love reading about expat topics, but who also want access to detailed reviews of books written by expats that they can take with them anywhere and access anytime. In a bookstore looking for a great read? Click open your free e-guide and have the name, author and publisher available to help you find it in the store. Or, use the app’s interactive resources to order your copy of one of the featured books directly from the app!


Simply download the free Global Living app from your Apple, Google Play or Amazon app store, open the app, find The Expat Book Guide and click “Free Download”. Within seconds you’ll have the complete guide in your smartphone or tablet’s newsstand, where you can access it anytime with one single click. The best part — as a bonus app edition, The Expat Book Guide is COMPLETELY FREE — from downloading the Global Living app to downloading the e-guide, you won’t spend a penny to have access to the most comprehensive expat book review guide there is.


Yes! Every time a new issue of Global Living comes out, we’ll be updating The Expat Book Guide to include all of the new book reviews featured in every new issue of the magazine. You only have to download it once, and every two months new reviews will automatically appear in your copy. Easy!


Simple! Visit the app store on your smartphone or tablet and search for “Global Living Magazine”, the click “Install” and voila! The app will quickly download and you can find it in your newsstand. Open the app and you’ll find every issue of Global Living as well as The Expat Book Guide. Click “Free Download” underneath The Expat Book Guide and within a few seconds, you’ll be able to flip through the entire guide…. all for free!


Downloading the actual app is free and we are going to continue to periodically provide free bonus app content, like The Expat Book Guide, in our app. The Expat Book Guide IS free and will remain free (even as we add more reviews to it!). Every issue of Global Living Magazine is available in our app as well for just $2.99 per issue. Once you download it, it’s yours to enjoy on your smartphone and/or tablet.

The Global Living app is available in the Apple app store, Google Play app store and Amazon app store. For more information on the app itself, click here.

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*NOTE: To continue to have the most updated version of The Expat Book Guide, with new book reviews added every time a new issue comes out (every two months), you have to re-download the free guide. To do this, simply go into the Global Living app, flip through until you find ‘The Expat Book Guide’, press and hold the cover until it shakes and has an “x” in the middle of the cover, press the “x” and re-download the updated version (still for free).

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