VOTE for Global Living as Best Expat Magazine

Vote for Global Living as BEST EXPAT MAGAZINE

The team at The Expat Survey have announced the launch of  The Expat Survey Consumer Awards (TESCA) in synergy with The Expat Survey 2014 and voting for Best Expat Magazine is now open!

We would appreciate your vote in this category!

To vote for Global Living Magazine as Best Expat Magazine, if you’re an expat simply fill out The Expat Survey’s Migration & Lifestyle questionnaire (currently open) and at the end of the survey there is a special feature The Expat Survey Consumer Awards where you will have the opportunity to nominate and explain why you believe that Global Living Magazine serves you as an expat best in the expat magazine category.

In the consumer awards section, you’ll also be able to vote for best expat blog, best expat radio, best expat newsletter, best expat website and best expat newspaper, but we hope that you think of Global Living when you fill out the space for BEST EXPAT MAGAZINE!


About The Expat Survey 2014

The Expat Survey programme has been launched to gain much better insight into the needs of those living outside their country of origin and to specifically understand what is relevant and helpful to expatriates within each country and what isn’t. Whilst there are questions that simply require tick boxes to be completed, the programme breaks away from convention and asks optional questions about your relocation experience, whether or not expectations have been fulfilled, what expats miss about home; and requests tips and advice for others contemplating a move to a new continent.

With more than 230 million expatriates worldwide, the dynamics of migration and integration into new habitats and cultures have never been more complex.

Reaching an audience of more than 10 million, this research programme is the largest of its kind ever undertaken. Almost 200 off and online media owners from around the world have united behind ‘The Expat Survey’ to publicise it; and several companies specialising in servicing expatriates have committed as collaborative partners to promote it.

The programme is led by the ex-head of research for BBC World and the ex-research director for Saatchi & Saatchi, a management consultant that has lived and run businesses overseas and a team of specialists with more than 20 years’ experience in the expatriate market.

Please note: In completing The Expat Survey, you will not provide your name, address, telephone number or date of birth; your personal details will not be shared with third parties. The Expat Survey has no links to Governments whatsoever. Please see the terms and conditions on their website for more information.


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